#1 VSL Advertiser Reveals His Secrets To Doubling The Most Amount of Money You've Ever Made in a Month with VSLs



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Here's What You Get: 


✅ VSL Masterclass 2023 by Peter Kell (all the lessons I've learned to hit $100,000 - $250,000 per day over 365 times) 

  Neville's Ultimate Manifestation Technique (same trick I used to manifest my relationship with Mindvalley. Perfect for when manifestation is the ONLY way you're going to get out of a hairball situation and into the life of your dreams)

 VSL Storyboarding Formula (Begin to develop BANGER VISION that lets you see multi-million dollar campaigns)

 The Kindergarten Simple Pitch Worksheet (make your VSL pitch & big idea easy to understand so everyone wants to buy)

✅ The Ultimate VSL Close (the secret to hyper-scale is Maximizing AOV. The secret to AOV happens BEFORE someone buys. Follow this close to inspire greater sales)

✅ VSL for Brands (Dont f*ck this up if you are trying to build a brand that people buy from over and over again)

✅ Big Idea Masterclass (watch as I break down the big ideas of all the biggest campaigns on the internet) 

✅ The Lead Bible (use this to easily write multiple banger leads for your VSLs to keep them lasting over and over again) 

✅ Celebrities and Deal Structures (how to find and approach your own authority figure for your brand and what kind of deal to structure them)

✅ VSL Editing Playbook (avoid these mistakes or watch your ROI plummet)

✅ Upsell Secrets (breaking down the post purchase formulas from 10 of the biggest direct response brands online)

✅ and much much more!!!